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Thank you for choosing to download Peter's Data Entry Suite.

About the Consultant's License

  • Intended for consultants to familiarize themselves with the product and promote it to their clients.
  • This license is free. It has no time limit. However, this license only covers the current version.
  • It can only be used on non-production servers. It generates an exception when the number of unique IP addresses visiting your application exceeds 15.
  • One of these licenses must be purchased to use this software on a production server: Web Server, Site, or Redistribution.
  • Tech support is free.
  • Service releases are free.

Establishing the License

While a Consultant license for Peter's Data Entry Suite is a free download, this is copyrighted software and requires a license to use. You must register yourself or company as the licensee of this software in the form below. The registration must be accurate and complete or you will NOT have a valid license. (See section 3.2 of the License Agreement.)

Read the license agreement.

When you submit this form, you will be emailed a confirmation with instructions to finish the download process. If you enter an invalid email address, you will not receive these instructions and will not be able to download the product.

FAST ENTRY If you have previously registered any product with us, simply enter the Email used on that registration, read and accept the license agreement and click the Fast Entry button.

Read our privacy policy.

Peter's Data Entry Suite Product Registration

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License Agreement Read the license agreement.
  Click here if you are using the FAST ENTRY method described above.