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Thank you for choosing Peter's Data Entry Suite. You can purchase either the Suite, which contains all controls, or modules, which includes subsets of the controls.

Select from the options below and click Purchase Now.

Select the type of license

Covers one production (live site) web server.

As you add servers to your web farm, buy more. Once you reach five Web Server Licenses, you are automatically upgraded to a Site License!

You will need separate licenses for any failover servers.
Covers unlimited production (live site) web servers. Choose this when you have 5 or more production servers.

If you are licensing your web application to your customers and it will be deployed on their servers, choose this license.

This license also covers all of your own production servers like a Site license.
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Select the number of Web Server licenses needed
Quantity: One license is needed for each production server, including failover servers. If you need 5 or more, select a Site License instead.
If you are adding servers and already have some licenses, you only need a total of 5 licenses to be converted to a Site License.
Select either the Suite or individual modules

with Peter's Business Logic Driven UI ("BLD")
$300.00 USD
$90.00 USD per module 

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Subtotal: $300.00 USD (not including tax)

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The new licenses will work with both Version 5 and Version 4 of
Peter's Data Entry Suite.

If your prefer a Version 4 license order form, click here.

  • These products have a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Products are delivered electronically. You will get emails from these two domains: SWReg.org and PeterBlum.com. Be sure your email does not block them.
  • The above licenses cover unlimited non-production servers including development and staging.
  • The above licenses cover unlimited web applications and domains.
  • The licensee owns the web application being developed. If you are a consultant building a product that will be owned by your customer, your customer should be the licensee. Choose the Web Server or Site license option for them.
  • When using a hosted production server, buy a license for each server that hosts your web application. The license does not cover any other party's web applications.
  • Source code is available through special arrangement, but is free. It requires a valid license for Peter's Data Entry Suite, not individual modules. Please email Peter at PLBlum@PeterBlum.com to make the arrangements.
  • Your license files and serial numbers will work with both version 5 and version 4 of Peter's Data Entry Suite. If you are on version 4, an upgrade to version 5 is free. Just download the software.