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UITypeEditor Classes  
Current Release: 1.0.1  Release History
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If you are a Custom Control developer, you work hard provide a good design mode experience within Visual Studio.Net. One aspect to that experience is providing UITypeEditors for the Property window which lets the user manipulate your properties. Building a UITypeEditor is not difficult although it always helps to have something to start you out. This package defines two base classes for Drop Down List type UITypeEditors.
  • BaseDropDownListTypeEditor gives the basic structure for any Drop Down List type UITypeEditor. It sets up the interface with a window form List Box. You must subclass and override the method FillInList.
  • BaseControlTypeEditor is an implementation of the BaseDropDownListTypeEditor that provides a drop down list of controls found on the current WebForm. It is very similar to the one found on BaseValidator.ControlToValidate in that it lists and assigns controls by their ID. However, you use this class to limit the list to certain types. You must inherit from BaseControlTypeEditor and override DefineSupportedTypes() to select the types supported. When a type is supported, so are all of the subclasses of that type.


Product UITypeEditor Classes
Version 1.0 (Current release: 1.0.1)
Price Free
Restricted Usage Unrestricted. A donation to the .Net community. However, it is distributed "AS IS".
Source Code Included
Language C#
Compatibility Microsoft .Net 1.0 and 1.1
Installation You will download a Zip file named UITypeEditors.zip. Extract its contents. It will place all files into a folder named UITypeEditors. Once installed, put the file UITypeEditors.cs into a C# project.
Documentation The file UITypeEditors.cs contains extensive documentation.

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