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Color Selector Controls  
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This package contains two ASP.NET controls: ColorDropDownList and ExtColorDropDownList.

ColorDropDownList is a specialized DropDownList that automatically fills itself in with some or all of the named colors in .Net's System.Drawing.KnownColor type. Use it when your site needs to let the user pick a color.
ColorDropDownList simplies things by letting you get or set the current selection with a color value instead of an integer index.

Since the KnownColor type is a lengthy list, you might prefer a shorter list of more common colors, or colors better suited to backgrounds or text fonts. ColorDropDownList allows you to select from several predefined lists of colors or even build your own.

ExtColorDropDownList extends the ColorDropDownList by wrapping it together with a color box which shows the user the color visually. It uses client side scripting to update the color box when the selection changes.


Here are two ColorDropDownLists. The first has the complete KnownColors list. The second has a very short list of "basic colors."

All colors    Basic colors 
Here are two ExtColorDropDownLists. The first has 'soft' colors (perhaps for backgrounds). The second has darker and more intense colors (perhaps for fonts).

Soft and lighter colors
Dark and intense colors

ASP.NET Syntax Example

Here is the ASP.Net Syntax used for each item in the demo above:
<Color:ColorDropDownList ID="CDDL1" Runat=server />

<Color:ColorDropDownList ID="CDDL2" Runat=server xColorEnumName="BasicColors" />
<Color:ExtColorDropDownList ID="ECDDL1" Runat=server xColorEnumName="SoftColors" />
<Color:ExtColorDropDownList ID="ECDDL2" Runat=server xColorEnumName="DarkColors" />


Product Color Selector Controls
Version 1.0 (Current release: 1.0.1)
Price Free
Restricted Usage Read the License Agreement
Source Code Included
Language C#
Compatibility Microsoft .Net 1.0 and 1.1

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