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VAM: Specialized Validators  
Current Release: 3.0.11  Release History  |  Get this Update  | Learn about the Upgrade

VAM: Specialized Validators is now Peter's More Validators

VAM: Specialized Validators originated in 2003 as the Professional Validation And More v1. In January 2008, it was renamed to Peter's More Validators, a module of a suite of almost 90 web controls called Peter's Data Entry Suite.

Peter's More Validators introduces new validators and the Popup ErrorFormatter.

 Learn about Peter's More Validators 

Upgrade path to Peter's More Validators

Peter's More Validators is intended to be the next version of VAM: Specialized Validators. Product development has stopped on VAM: Specialized Validators. Peter's More Validators is where product development will continue. Users are recommended to upgrade to take advantage of new features and support of future technologies.

 Upgrade Details and Ordering Information 

Continuing with VAM: Specialized Validators v3

The current release of VAM: Specialized Validators is v3.0.11. Peter intends to maintain the codebase for serious issues, at least through 2008. Do not expect support of new technologies or third party controls that are not presently supported.

Use Technical Support to inform Peter of problems and get hotfixes.

 Get the Latest Service Release 

If you need additional VAM: Specialized Validators Web Server licenses, order Peter's More Validators Web Server licenses. Then email Peter and request a license for VAM: Specialized Validators. Supply your new Peter's More Validators serial number. Peter will provide you with a license file using that same serial number.

If you want to upgrade to a Site license, you only need a total of 5 Web Server licenses. Use the above instructions to order enough Web Server licenses to have 5. Ask Peter for instructions to convert the Web Server licenses to a Site license.